Mobile Online Sports Betting Legal In NevadaWhile Harry Reid’s much awaited online poker bill failed to clear the last hurdle, gamblers in the State of Nevada already have legal mobile online gambling.

With the rest of the United States having to wait until another champion of online gambling can revive attempts to legalise the industry, citizens living in the State of Nevada have been enjoying one aspect of online gambling that is perfectly legal and above board. This is in keeping with the State’s reputation of being the gambling heart of America, where the freedom to choose whether and how they gamble is championed and promoted.

In September a mobile phone application for the Blackberry smart phone known as Leroy was launched following its approval by the gaming regulatory authorities of Nevada which provides mobile phone users with a working online gambling application. Now that this application has been seen to work effectively, a new process for approving an Android based version of the application has gone into effect. This will bring the application to a much wider mobile phone audience if users in Nevada.

The application has been tested and shown to be effective in pinpointing the location of a bet being placed. As bettors must be over the age of 21 and have an account registered with company, this makes it perfect for allowing eligible bettors in Nevada to legally place bets while those from outside the state are prevented from doing so.

The application was developed jointly by Blackberry and Computerized Bookmaking Systems, a subsidiary of American Wagering. It allows bettors to gain access to all the active lines belonging to Leroy that includes straight wagers as well as parlays and teasers. There are plans to offer in-game live wagering on some of the games.

According to John English, the Senior Vice President of American Wagering, the approval of his company’s Leroy application, that it has created a new sports betting market segment. With the approval of regulators in Nevada, a significant set of challenges were created for American Wagering to bring a way to offer mobile phone account wagering that was capable of verifying that the bettor actually was within the state borders. Those challenges were met successfully.